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EOS Bodies / Re: Apology to all forum members.
« Last post by CanonFanBoy on February 24, 2018, 03:13:28 PM »
Does this apology have 4k?

Yes, at 240 fps. :)
EOS Bodies / Re: ARE Canon heading down the same track as Kodak
« Last post by RGF on February 24, 2018, 03:12:27 PM »

Film to digital = paradigm shift

ILC with mirror to ILC without mirror = different flavor of same product

Good point.

It used to be a film camera was a box to hold film flat and a bit of electronics for the shutter, etc.

Now ILC electronics is based upon the sensor.  How the viewfinder works if minor.
Que the pessimists in 3, 2, 1... wait, they've already started.  :'(

Landscape / Re: Flowers and other Flora
« Last post by ISv on February 24, 2018, 03:05:01 PM »
Very nice series, ISv.  :)

Thanks Click! Do you like Coca Cola? The very first image are the flowers of Cola (Cola acuminata).
EOS Bodies / Re: ARE Canon heading down the same track as Kodak
« Last post by LDS on February 24, 2018, 02:57:28 PM »
their smart phone instead.  I anticipate general market consumer level sales of ILC's will continue to erode.  Enthusiasts and pros will continue to use dSLR's and ML and argue amongst themselves which is better; but the millions of consumers who fund the industry are going away. 

We are talking about two separate tasks. Photography has always been made by two separate processes, the image taking one, and the storage/display/sharing one. If to watch a daguerreotype you would have needed a clusmy camera, I don't think they would have been a success. 

The smartphone can cover both of them, obviously, but still with some limitations. The storage/sharing part is not fully covered by smartphones, because local space could still be limited, especially in budget models, and devices may break, be lost, stolen or replaced - not many consumers use microSD cards in their phones, and not all model can use them, the most notable example being iPhones, and still, if the device is lost or stolen you lose everything.

Hence online storage and sharing, especially on on social sites is important for consumers, as they also work as a "backup".

To display photos to a larger audience, TVs or monitors are still better than phones (although they can be the source of the images), and you won't mail your phone to your aunt.

Just, Kodak had really no presence in any of these markets, and in many ways it probably made more money from prints than films - and not surprisingly negative films, and its prints, survived past reversal ones, because there is still some money coming from them.

Cameras are not really suited to be display devices, even for those who will keep on using ILCs, and you'll need more functions to publish images than to access them for display.

It's just like when audio recordings became easily available, the music performance and most of its fruition became separate processes using different devices. Today you don't need a piano in your house so you and your hosts can play and sing, or have people bring their instruments to listen to some music. And no one thought to add recording capabilities to them just so you could bring around your piano and use it to play a recording.

Smartphones are an equally disruptive technology.  Not scientific, but big family gatherings have transitioned from Instamatics and disposable cameras to digital P&S, perhaps a few Rebels, now to smartphones.

How do you explain the Fujifilm Instax sales? Nor photo printers disappeared yet. It looks sometimes a physical artifact still has some value.

And for important events, i.e. weddings, if the hired photographer showed up with a smartphone only I guess he or she would be lynched, and finished by the bride with the wedding cake knife...  ;D

It's just a matter of convenience - most people never liked cameras or photography, they just wanted the images. They will use the easiest tool to obtain them. Just, when images becomes really important for any reason, they will pay homage, maybe unconsciously, to skill, performance and quality.
EOS Bodies / Re: Images and Specifications for the Canon EOS 2000D/EOS Rebel T7
« Last post by neuroanatomist on February 24, 2018, 02:54:03 PM »
Here’s some better samples.

Yes, the Canon T3 (1100D) shoots BIF.

Sorry, but neither of those shots are sharp, particularly the flight shot is noticeably soft.  If you are intending to show the utility of the T3 for birds and/or birds in flight, these examples aren’t helping your case.

Here’s one of my shots of a great horned owl nestling for comparison (there’s a second owlet in the nest, hidden behind the branches on the left). I trust you can see the difference in sharpness.

“Great Horned Owlet”

EOS 7D, EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM @ 400mm, 1/500 s, f/5.6, ISO 400

I’m not sure what lens you were using on the T3 (I’m guessing an EF-S 55-250mm?), but here’s an example of a sharp image with a non-L lens (the EF-M 55-200mm).

”Down the Hatch”

EOS M2, EF-M 55-200mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM @ 200mm, 1/1600 s, f/6.3, ISO 800
EOS-M / Re: Travel with M5/6...what has served you well?
« Last post by JoFT on February 24, 2018, 02:29:45 PM »
I did a lot of traveling last year and just published my experiences in my blog.... goo.gl/6jR1xF

My travel setup is pretty simple:
  • 12mm f2 from Samyang/Rokinon
  • EFM 22mm just great, no better choice even thinkable
  • EFM 28.5mm because a macro lens should travel with you - even if I do not carry it al the time with me (sometime I know that I do not need it
  • 50mm : I always cary a  fast 50mm lens with me... In the beginning it was the Nifty Fifty - but since I have the Milvus 50mm f1.4 the bokeh of that lens disappoints.... and I started carrying the old EF 50mm f1.4 with me: sacrifying sharpness for better bokeh
  • since available the 85mm f1.4 L IS USM. Before I hade the 100mm f2.8L macro IS USM - but the 2 stops more are just killer.... and the performance of the lens as well.
  • And in some cases I do have the 200mmf2.8 with me - and than even with 2x extender....
Most of the time the camera gear is in my business backpack... and nobody realizes that I carry excellent camera gear with me....
EOS Bodies / Re: Here is Everything That Canon is Announcing Early Next Week
« Last post by hendrik-sg on February 24, 2018, 02:17:52 PM »
there is no reason to migrate the lower segments to M-Mound and there is no reason to not do it. Al Variants are already aavailable and deliver similar performance.

A entry level SLR with 18-55, a APSC mirrorless with similar lens or a G7x with smaller sensor and brighter lens give the same in a different form factor.

We do not know, what the 3 wariants cost for manufacturing, but fact is, the SLR is sold the cheapest, he others are sold with a premium as "chic" ore"higher end".

But the assumption, that all camera segments are unevitably moved to Mirrorless starting with the lower segments does not get more true by repeting it frequently. We just do not know what will be the future. But what is a fact, the smaller and lower end mirrorless cameras were replaced by smartphones with even smaller cameras, with not so bad performance. it seems that the customers were ready to sacrify the zoom for a small size, after years of increasing zoom ranges.

Some years ago, we would have predicted that the zoom ranges in compact cameras would further increase and that people would demand higher IQ in this segment. Now we know better. Soon we know, how the discussion SLR or mirrorles will come out. Maybe the rebels will be replaced by phones with more than 2 cameras, with 10 smartphone cameras simultanously working, a rebel quality combined pic should come out.
EOS-M / Re: Bag option for EOS M5 kit
« Last post by JoFT on February 24, 2018, 02:17:10 PM »
My favorite for my gear is the Tenba "Tools BYOB" But I use this bag to store the M5 in my Thule backpack - and take it out when I am shooting not having my business backpack with me.

More about that in my EOS-M5 one year review....
EOS-M / One Year with the EOS M5: It is an awesome camera!!!
« Last post by JoFT on February 24, 2018, 02:14:12 PM »
I am a Canon shooter since my first AE-1 in 1979.... Since I went digital - with the 5DMkII I have all 5D´s and 7D´s. But for a couple of reasons end of 2016 I canceled my order on a Hasselblad X1D and ordered the EOS M5.

During more than 6000 photos in this years and traveling on all continents of the northern hemisphere I still love this camera for a lot of reasons. The form factor is very small - even smaller than most of the µ43 cameras I used for traveling before. And this camera offers more versatility.. for instance with High Speed Sync....

But there are a couple of downsides as well:
  • The EXIF data of non Canon Lenses are not stored. My Milvus lenses were detected on my 5D MkIV  and on the 7DMkII - but not on the M5. I asked Canon and they told me: not our fault, not our problem... WHAT???
  • Another topic is build quality. If you are used to the single digit Canon´s the M5 is pretty flimsy... and I lost the aperture correction dial recently - it just fall off...
  • Tethered shooting is a bit weird: It is possible only with the app. The camera does not connect to the EOS Utility. And as soon as you are connected you cannot use the camera dials anymore.
Anyhow This camera remains in my bag much longer - And I still hope for a Canon Full Frame Mirrorless using the EOS-M Mount....

For more please read my blog: [size=78%]goo.gl/6jR1xF[/size]

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