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Fall Foliage Trip - Your advice please.

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Hi Everyone,

We'd like to take a little trip (1wk max) from the Eastern Shore (Ocean City,MD) to Gatlinburg, TN.
Are there any must see places along the way or nearby? I use AAA's trip planner but it's a pain in the..
The skyline drive is on the list, but I was wondering if you have any advice on other natural wonders, water falls, lakes, etc.. close by.
Sorry, forgot to mention, leaving next week.
Thank you in advance.


Grayson highlands in s.w. virginia had very nice foliae when I went. Plus wild horses. If you want the best foliage, plan a week earlier and head north next year. NH and VT are pretty amazing with all the maples

Thank you Ryan, I'll check it out.
We wanted to see the Natural Bridge in KY so we figured we go south this time, but next year it's North..
(all that depending on dec 21 st of course :)) )

I guess not many people are traveling...  :(

...or maybe I should have used a different subject line.. such as Imusthave34stopsDRorSwitchingToSONikon or DXOflowsFromTheFaucet :))

Haha, true! I was glad I had one tidbit of advice! The nikon d800 with its 460 megapickles and magical over-the-possible-limit of DR from Dxo, is all I would bring. And the kit lens is nice enough, because the more megapickles makes it superior to canon L glass, which is just over priced. If you dont have a D800 or maybe the d3100 you should just stay home, your trip will be meaningless otherwise. the Ipone has a great screen protector. My 1DX has glitches. I've only ever used my 5dIII for video, and I need to take a pic, how do I do it!?

Haha ok enough cliche' I hope more people help you out!


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