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--- Quote from: gkreis on November 02, 2012, 11:34:38 PM ---I can testify to their speed.  I was floored to see how fast my lens was returned.  It was so fast, that I wondered if they had really calibrated it with the body after the repair since the camera (needing no repair) wasn't returned at the same time.

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Got a FEDEX call.  Being delivered tomorrow!  That is when Canon estimated the power would be back on.  Either it made it out to FEDEX before they shut down and FEDEX was struggling to get it here OR the Canon folks grabbed what could be shipped and took it offsite to a place with power to at least start it flowing again.  Either way, pleased to know it is on the way.  (I think it was the later. ;-)

Sent my 5D II to California facility November 1, they received it 5th/Monday and by 7th had looked at it and sent me the estimate and bill deal which I paid that same day.  Nothing since then, which is more than doubling the time my 10-22 just took.  Finally called today as I'd have hoped to had this by Thanks Giving weekend.  Was told they've had a back up there because of Sandy and they hope to get to it soon.  For what it is worth, for anyone sending there or have recently sent there.


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