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Nikon Sales Rising

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Apparently, Nikon sales is rising.

Do we have any figures on Canon's sales?  I know Nikon market share is still below that of Canon but I hope Canon do something with it not only on the marketing side but also on the technology side.

I would rather see Nikon do well than go out of business.

Are Canon cameras still outselling Nikon cameras 10:1?

no suprise.

if i would start new today i probably would buy nikon too.

so there you go: Canon has sales and profits going down, and can't blame the slow world economy

I would bet on greedy pricing, or, if you want to look at it from the other side, increased competition (and lack of a response to that)

but it's not like the other camp should be feeling a lot better: sales are up, but profit is down (which is to be expected when you price your goods a bit too aggressively)


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