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Hello All,

I'm hoping you can help me make the right choice, I have been spending so much money on Batteries for jobs in the past, I just have so many old batteries laying around with half power in them, I use Double AA batteries for my 430 EXII speedlite, so I decided I need rechargeable batteries with a charger, but i know nothing about what kind are the best for the job, I need Long Lasting and good recycling times,  can any of you help me with a few choices of Charger and Batteries?

Thanks so much in advance


Sanyo eneloop batteries.  Low self-discharge means they hold their charge.  The NiMH chemistry is actually better for high-drain devices like your Speedlite  You'll notice that your recycle time (delay until the capacitor fills and your flash can fire again) is much faster with the eneloops than with alkaline AA batteries - faster as in takes half the time.

Eneloop or alternatively the Duracell "pre-charged" batteries for sure!

As far as charger, I suggest any of the excellent Lacrosse chargers, I use two of the BC500's due to the default charge rate being optimal, and they can run with included 12V cigarette lighter plugs.

Thank you so much, Im going to buy them both now!

I am very happy with my Energizer NiMH batteries and compact chargers. The batteries hold a charge very well. My first rechargeable batteries and charger were from PowerEx... the charger is good, but the batteries were the worst. I still have the charger but the batteries are no longer in my bag.


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