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Speedlite 550ex for DSLR's?

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Just curious, I have read here that some people are having "issues" with the 550ex on the 5D3. Any comments to using them on the 7D?


I found a really nice used Canon 550ex on Adorama for $90.00. I couldn't say no. I bought it and it came in Friday. (flash and case) Some small mars and smudges, (nothing more than what I would have done to a new one) and the only thing it was missing was the built-in diffuser. (Hence why it was so cheap) I have never once used the built-in one on any of my other flashes so I didn't think this would be an issue. I have always used the plastic slide on ones.

I took it out yesterday and it worked like a champ. Rapid fire kept up with my 8fps 7D! I have an external pack on the way, but so far, so good. This sucker is great! I'll tell ya what, if I ever find another one of these for a good price I will not hesitate grabbing it. Amazing value for a great flash.


Hey guys, just saw this thread again and it's responses...

The issues that I have noticed with 550's and the 5D mark III are just when one flash is on the camera, with or without a Stofen diffuser. The camera will not give the right exposure, mostly underexposing. Same flash on the 5D mark II and no problem at all.

When using both the 550's with one on the camera as master, and one being triggered off camera to the side as the slave there are no issues at all and it works as expected with the 5D mark III.


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