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YN622C trigger experiences?

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I have a pair of these. I haven't used it in a wedding yet. They were waiting in my mail box the day I last had a wedding :(. But from some use while I was in France with my niece and nephew I'm pretty happy with them. I plan to do a review on them at some point but it might be a while. The one thing that does bug me and perhaps it's just the ones I got is one of the very nice bonuses of this over other triggers is the focus assist light. I normally use the center AF point and for some reason the beam is off center so really doesn't assist like it should. I may end up taking it apart. My best guess is the led needs to be pushed around to center it up better. Other than that it's works as advertised at least as far as I've used it so far as I've used it.

Brand B:

--- Quote from: AdamJ on November 17, 2012, 05:34:08 PM ---This comprehensive review of the YN-622C triggers might help you:

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There is also 73 page thread over at photography on the net on these that is full of useful information (I am only halfway through it).

Upshot is they sound like a really good deal for the money, lots of features decent quality and good performance.

I recently purchased the YN622C triggers and I couldn't be any happier. At first I was going for the PW's flex and mini but that would have cost me around $350+ for the set. I knew about Yongnuo's RC622C transceivers but I wasn't sure if they'd do the same thing. I bought them off eBay for $79 and works perfectly. The operations are straight forward and very similar to the ones from Pixel Kings. Heck, in fact the designs are pretty similar.

Anyways, I have one mounted on camera, and another one has my speedlite 580 EXII attached to it which is off camera. You can access full flash menu right from your camera and control your speedlite from there through these YN622C transceivers. I like quality, not bad at all for something that's 1/4th the price of similar PW systems. I would have bought the Pixel King ones but they yet dont support 5DIII like the YN622C does. Both Pixel King and Yongnuos are made in China btw.


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