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First 6D review up - does [KR] read [CR] ?

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--- Quote from: rpt on November 16, 2012, 07:21:54 AM ---rel="no follow" is a property of the HTML Anchor <a> tag.

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I know, but the board syntax meta-language doesn't allow for such tag additions (afaik). But just putting spaces between www. test. com works as well, so I won't bother with more fancier methods.

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That is why I said the admins need to look at it... Your techniques work great.


--- Quote ---stick was always rubbing up on my clothes and inadvertently setting my AF points weird as it bounced around during a shoot
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True. I've never had a camera with a joystick (hey, im 13) but when going over all the specs and looking at the images, I saw that canon had made some adjustments. They finally figured it out!


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