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Here's another idea. It isn't ideal to work on a JPEG, but it gets the idea across.


--- Quote from: Promature on November 16, 2012, 11:14:30 PM ---How much do you all think I should spend on a Tripod?  I feel like I've read a lot of different articles, some of which say you should spend $800-$1,200, which seems like I'd be better off just getting a 5DIII and cranking up the ISO.  Would I be disappointed with a tripod w/ ballhead that costs $150-$200?

--- End quote ---

no need to spend tons of money
these are awesome value for money

the aluminium ones are even cheaper and only a little heavier

Make sure whatever tripod head you settle on, that it can support your rig today, and a few years down the road.

The attached is a quick makeover =cropped tight, ran though Nik and finished with Alien Paint software.

This is the time of year when plug-ins go on sale.

Note: if you take a course at a local college, you can purchase Adobe and other products at an educational price, though, right now, Amazon has LR on sale for 99, and I'm seeing PSE11, as low as $49. PSE11 uses the same version of the RAW conversion as CS6, but, without as many ways to tweak it...keep shooting/have fun

a grad filter or as others have done a bit of a edit in lightroom/ photoshop

Thank you for the advice all.  I just placed an order for the following and should be here early next week:
Manfrotto 055XDB Black Basic Tripod Legs
Markins Q3

I also had a chance today to take some more pictures, and based on those results (blown sky, dark beach), I also need a graduated ND filter and circular polarizer:
B+W 77mm Kaesemann Circular Polarizer with Multi-Resistant Coating
B+W 77mm Grad ND 0.6-4X (502)


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