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DPreview adds 6D sample images to their preview

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i am not that impressed by the image quality.... sorry to say.
not for a new camera in 2012.

maybe i have to take a closer look at the high iso images.
but as i shoot mostly under iso 1600 i donĀ“t see much that makes me want to sell my 5D MK2.

lets wait for RAW samples....

I like the low light performance u can get useful photo at ISO 102,000 Cool ;D

What are you talking about?

I just compared the 6D at ISO-6400 vs the 5DIII at ISO-6400 ... and the 6D is cleaner and with better colors.

Overall, the 6D image quality is shaping up as better than the 5DIII.


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Well, unfortunately they did extremely heavy global nr on the shots again (compare the details on iso 50 to the other studio shots), obviously to them a noise-free black background is more important than details :-x ... hail to raw and the LR nr brush!

But looking at the iso samples it might be clean 6400 and the the 51200 iso shot look better than 6400 on my 60d, so if it's a 3 stop improvement over the current crop sensor I'd say that's a definitive step up :-) ... on the other hand side we don't know how the dynamic range degrades @high iso.


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