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7D vs 5D2???

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I would keep the t2I as a second camera to carry around.  My main reason for buying anotther body is because I get tired of changing lenses so much.  One minute I'm taking a photo of an old fence post, the next im taking a photo of a bug, the next I'm shooting the landscape.  I just feel if I'm buying a 2nd body I should try to upgrade...although a new t2I body is only around $600.  I know my 24-70 would benefit from the 5D2 but I feel like if I go that route I would also have to buy the 16-35L.  My 10-22 wouldn't work on the 5D but that would be the body to use for landscapes.  So frustrating!  I know I would miss the crop factor with my 400L and 100 macro but to be able to shoot later into the evening would be a bonus too!  I have "shot" some birds in flight but there isn't a huge variety around here.  To give an example of what I shoot you can view my website at As of right now I just shoot for fun.  Maybe someday ill set up a booth at the local street fairs.

Yeah I know the feeling. I hate changing lenses when I'm out n about. I did the same thing, i bought a second body but wanted it to be an upgrade so i went for the 5D II. I ended up selling my 10-22 for a 17-40L as it didnt make sense to do landscapes on my 7D when I had a 5D lying around! It was a bit of a pain reshuffling my gear but worth it.

Also, the price of the 5D II is at a bargain low now for what is essentially a professional full frame camera, tried and true. go for it! Lenses like the 10-22 are easy to sell.

Sell your 5D(I or II), 7D and all crop lenses. Use that money for 1D X or 5D III.


--- Quote from: Dylan777 on November 21, 2012, 11:51:35 AM ---Sell your 5D(I or II), 7D and all crop lenses. Use that money for 1D X or 5D III.

--- End quote ---

Are you referring to the OP? I don't think he has any of those bodies. Or did you mean in general? I have thought about it and I'd rather have two cameras bodies - one crop and one FF - than have just one FF body. I like the flexibility of having both.


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