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Possibility to recover overwritten images on harddisk?

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--- Quote from: Paul_B on December 11, 2012, 05:15:53 AM ---I have experience with recovering lost files and "overwritten" is basically the dead-sentence for your files.
What you saw is information from the file system (sometimes referred to as "slack space") that was not yet overwritten (as it is in a different location on the disk than the actual file data).
You can employ a professional company to try to recover your data. I have heard things about magnetic properties of disks that allow you to recover data after it is written over (not numerous times) but you are in the forensic territory there, sorry to say.

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As Paul points out, lost files where the directory structure is overwritten is recoverable.  If the data is overwritten, unless you are willing to go into the area CIA and FBI advanced data recovery, forget it.  Once the data itself is overwritten, you are unfortunately SOL.


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--- Quote from: colin1984 on February 06, 2013, 06:51:00 AM ---I bought myself a Ready NAS, Which runs in X-Raid2 because both of my hdd´s were erased like if you get it new and don´t know why, I restored als my data transferred it to the Nas wher one Hdd mirrors the other

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This tread is very old, but before anyone believes that using nas/raid for data safety: It does protect you from *hardware* failure, but it doesn't from *software* or *user* error. If you accidentally erase some folders of files (most common disaster cause) a raid setup won't protect you, only an independent backup will. So raid is for high availability, but not necessarily for data safety.

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Repeat after me: having a RAID disk is not a replacement for making backups! They're really orthogonal issues.

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Yea - you want to protect yourself from hard failure (raid can do that to a degree), user stupidity (independent backups help here, though nothing helps against true stupidity), and site loss (need to keep independent backups up to date and off site).


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