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First model shoot...input pls!

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Hey guys, I usually do wildlife photography but wanted to try a model shoot, here are some of the results....only natural light and a reflector as I don't own a flash :/

Used a 5dm3, 24-105mm L and 100-400mm L

Any input is greatly appreciated...I m not really happy with the one on the floor

The third image is the most interesting the first is frankly corny and a bit ill conceived, but it seems you already know that.

From another wildlife photographer. I like the idea of the first and especially the lighting, although it is missing something. I think it could do without the candy sticks spread out around the model, particularly as one is cropped off and a moire dynamic composition could improve it. For me, the second one is cropped too tight to the top of the model's head, so needs a bit more room, again I like the lighting though. Of the three though, the third is the jewel in the crown. The framing is just about right for me and the whole image tells a story, with just the right prominence on her eyes. The lighting and depth of field is also pretty much perfect.

Wow, great job! The third one is awesome! The second one really good (I think the cropping is perfect on it, doesn't look too tight to me). (The first one is OK, although maybe a bit much candy canes set as perfect spokes and not quite as dramatic as the other two in general, etc.)

I'm basically agreeing with every one that has commented thus far. However, if it were me, I would try to make the eyes stand out more. Maybe give them 1/3 stop more light in photoshop just in the eyes. Right now it's a great image and lit wonderfully, but it may make the close ups a bit more dynamic.


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