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World's First EOS-1D C Motion Image Shoot

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Canon Rumors:
From Untitled Film Works

Check out some of the work being done using the Canon EOS 1D C, the motion image results are pretty astonishing.
The art of motion image

“The art and skill of a photographer is still required when using a camera like the 1DC. Understanding and harnessing of light, composition and interaction with your subjects are all vital skills of a photographer and are not replaced by the idea of motion image capture. Photographers also use a variety of techniques to obtain unique looking images (like long exposure times and the use of remote flashes) these times of images would not be reproduced in video. I see the biggest step forward using motion image capture the ability to record many individual moments in time, all the while silently as there is no shutter being released. This could have great benefits in situations where you may want to remain more candid. Subjects could also feel more relaxed not knowing “photographs” are being taken.”
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I like that they are honest about the limitations of not shooting RAW and the storage requirements.

Still, looking at some of the stills it seems hard to believe that the prints were that spectacular to see. The fine detail is a bit lacking. It's impressive overall and very impressive knowing it came from video, but not ready to replace shooting stills yet. At least not for weddings or portraits. For sports, it's probably going to cause a revolution.

yea, it's getting more and more interesting....


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