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Author Topic: Anyone else intrigued by the new Fuji X20 and X100s  (Read 25046 times)


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Re: Anyone else intrigued by the new Fuji X20 and X100s
« Reply #105 on: September 15, 2013, 12:13:51 PM »
I first got the XE-1 then the X100s and offloaded my 5D Mk11.  I was to travel to Australia for 2 months and I could not bear the thought of lugging around a heavy body with an assortment of "L" lens's

Truthfully, had I got the X100S first, the XE-1 would not have had a look in.....and I would have kept the 5D Mk11

I have to say, the X100S is an astonishing camera.  I know they say it is the person behind the camera that makes the difference, but the camera does have to be capable of translating your vision.  It does that in spades.  The IQ is fabulous and I believe it is very very close to being equal to anything produced from a full frame Canon or Nikon.  It is a great street shooter and the 6400 ISO in low light is very, very useable.  In fact, you could use it all the time.

I have done street, landscape and cityscapes with it and it never lets me down.  One key thing about the retro look?  Doesn't look threatening for street work.  You can tuck in close, no noise shutter....bish, bash, bosh.  Job done. 

As an accompanying camera to your Canon (in whichever iteration......mine is a 6D) it will surprise you and you will love it like you have never loved a camera before.
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Re: Anyone else intrigued by the new Fuji X20 and X100s
« Reply #106 on: September 26, 2013, 06:05:12 PM »
I've been waiting to reply to this post.

Last week I walked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Before the trip I bought an X-20 because the last thing I wanted to do was carry a massive DSLR and lens combination on the trail. I left my 7D and lenses locked up at the hotel on the rim and used the X-20 for the hike.

While I bought it primarily for this trip, I also wanted a small, convenient camera to keep with me for unexpected opportunities.

In essence, it was exactly what I wanted for my purposes and I have not been disappointed. Would it replace my 7D? No. But, the quality of the images are certainly competitive under most circumstances and for most purposes.

My primary consideration was to have a viewfinder and I have not been disappointed by the X-20. The bonus is that I have found the live view to be very useful and in fact, I am probably shooting in live view as often or even more often as I am using the viewfinder.

I love that the camera automatically switches from live view to the viewfinder when you place your eye up to the viewfinder. I wish Canon would offer this option.

I love the panorama feature of the camera. It's just great fun and the quality is really impressive. I'm confident that some of my panoramic shots with this little camera will be able to be enlarged to quite impressive sizes.

I found myself leaving the camera on the "Professional" setting (P) most of the time so I didn't have to spend a lot of time adjusting exposures for fleeting shots. It performed very well.

Even under extreme lighting conditions (bright sun, deep shadows) the exposures were pretty much spot on (I shot in raw and I do tweak the exposures some, but they were always within tolerances)

Things not to love:

I did not and I would not recommend using this camera a ISOs much above 400. It's a small sensor and you have to be realistic.

The panorama mode only saves in JPEG. Not a huge issue but it would be nice to shoot RAW.

The on-screen previews are not the best (There were several shots that looked soft when I tried to zoom in on the review mode. To my surprise – pleasant – once I downloaded the images and imported them in to Photoshop they were much sharper than they appeared on the camera's preview screen.)

I've read several reviews of the X-20 and many say this is just a really fun camera. I would agree. It is much improved from the X-10 and, though costly for a "point and shoot" it was well worth the investment for me.
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