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Late 1990's was using a Pentax K1000 but wanted autofocus.  Pentax AF bodies were cheap looking, so I considered Nikon (N90?) and Canon (Elan2 or A2?).  Sent in a reply card for free brochure to Nikon, never received.  Called Nikon's toll free phone number for brochure, they took my name and address, still never received.  Called Canon and had a brochure in my mailbox in less than a week.

I figured if that is the kind of service Nikon provides, that is not a company I want to deal with.  Bought a Canon Elan2e, eventually a second one, then a used eos1 (cheap cause everyone was going digital), and finally a 5D2 (the only digital body I have owned).

Camera history goes something like this, when I was at boarding school, dad had I think a Praktica MTL and I got a Zenit, so I could borrow his M42 fit lenses. I joined the school camera club and one of my friends, a Malaysian lad had an A-1, one holiday he couldn't go home so he came and stayed with my family, dad was impressed with the A-1 and decided to upgrade to a Canon and got the AE-1 Program, I was allowed to borrow this for a special treat, and really liked it, back to my old Zenit for several years. Finally I could upgrade and got an EOS 1000FN with a couple of standard lenses, then another 1000FN came along and I got a Cosina 100-300 zoom. Do you see a patern emerging, photography on a budget!
Then a photographic revolution, APS film, got caught on that one with an Ixus Z something, not a memorable experience.
Then my partner got our first digital camera, a Sony DSC F505V a brilliant camera, for certain things. Decided to go for a DSLR after going to 50 years of formula1 at Silverstone race circuit and getting lots of pics of empty track where the car was when I pressed the button, damn that thing was Slow.
Went looking for Canon DSLR, bought an EOS 300D, it went wih the zoom lens I had! Love that camera, have taken thousands of pics with it and still use it for pictures of my car restorations, practically worthless so no too worried about putting it at risk. Upgraded to a 40D, it failed on holiday in Phoenix Az with about 2000 exposures on it, 300D to the rescue, nearly didn't take the 300D body due to luggage restrictions! Returned the 40D to Canon for repair and it was returned promptly fully repaired, good service.
I have just recently upgraded again to a 7D as I wanted a body that could also do video as I got fed up with toting a bag with a video camera which never got used as it interupted stills capture for too long!
Kit bag full of kit or third party lenses third party remotes and timers for time lapse photography.
Sorry for rambling on..

happened to be best camera when i first bought.. then i got locked in through lenses


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