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Rebate Ending Soon? When's The Next One?

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I guess what I'm wondering is whether there's a chance that there might be an extension on the Canon rebates.  I'm waiting for my tax return to show up and I'm pretty sure it won't make it before Saturday.

If it ends, when will there be another one?  $400 off of that 70-200mm f2.8 IS USM mkII is looking nice - I'd hate to lose it!

Straight from the front page:

"The various rebates that have been going on since before Christmas will expire on February 2, 2013. There’s no sign of an extension of the rebate program in the USA and we may not see another one until the spring."

I saw the headline too, Pierce.  I'm simply asking for everyone's experience in these things.

Nobody can say whether Canon will further extend the present rebates, or when the next round will start.  Typically Canon always has a promotion going on, but the products are different.  If I were you, I'd get your merchandise now while the current rebate is going on.  If experience is any rough guide, you won't see another set of SLR rebates until the fall, and even then they might not be as good as these.  I got me a 5D3 and a 600EX  :) .

Thanks tgara, I'm not looking for a body, just to pick up a 70-200mm (that $400 rebate is tough to pass up).


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