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Which cloud storage solution?

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I am curious what are y'all's opinions on which cloud storage you use or would prefer for transferring RAW files.  Dropbox, WeTransfer(temp download service but only at max 2gb), Box or any other platforms or solutions that may be out there.  Thanks!

I use Carbonite. Pros:Relatively cheap, unlimited storage. Cons: VERY slow uploads, occasional stalls. I already utilize redundant back-ups, so the slowness is more an irritation than a deal-breaker. If I needed a quick back-up I would use Dropbox.

I run a home-server with a 15Mbps upstream, and give out a link if needed. Or if it's only a few gigs, I have a VPS server which I can upload to, so the other user can download faster.

Alternatively, you can always use a Google Drive, and simply make the directory/file link only public, or fully public as you choose. 5GB free, 25GB for $2.50/mo, 100GB for $5/mo. Hmm....I just realized if I can integrate this into my website via APIs, I could use this as a cheap/free CDN and not worry about the amount of storage on my server anymore. Hmm...

Mt Spokane Photography:
I have a 12TB NAS.  It can act as a cloud server, but i'm worried about security, so it does not get internet connections.  Having 12 TB of cloud space is way pricey, and I use a 64GB CF card, so 2GB would not cover much shooting.

Don Haines:
You can't trust whoever is providing cloud storage to stay afloat..... they close shop and your images are gone. Plus, as a photographer you can start running up the terrabytes.... particularly if you get into video or gigapixel panoramas.

I have 2 sets of backup drives.... one at home and one at work. You really need offsite storage..... if the backup is in the same building as the computer you are missing a lot of the reasons for backups... House burns down and all images lost.... place gets robbed...they steal the computer and the backup sitting on the shelf beside it...

Also... do something real stupid to backup one and backup two survives....


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