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5D III Dynamic Range

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As we all know the dynamic range of 5D MK III is not better than its counterpart Nikon D800. I was wondering if this deficiency could be addressed by using single shot HDR for batch processing. Has anyone tried HDR batch process to improve dynamic range, what would be good software for this purpose or any other comments. Thanks in advance.

The popcorn is popping as I type.  ::)

That means ?

that means he is waiting for "flame war" with his pop corn... hic.. hic... i am getting tired of that too.  however, back to your question.  below is the link to show you the good way:

HDR Ep 115: Take & Make Great Photography with Gavin Hoey: Adorama Photography TV


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Like ishdakuteb says, it means that your original post could result in an all out polarization on this thread leading to at least two well defined poles and possibly a third one that represents the "neutral/do not care" segment with a very low possibility of a fourth segment trying very hard to keep technical responses of this thread on track...


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