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Apple on sticks (stuck at home)

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The sticks stopping just before the right edge of the frame doesn't look good.

As of lighting, it's the lower one.

The background texture is not blown out.
The sticks throwing shadows on themselves creates small shapes in contrast to the rather uniform background and apple.
Yet the apple still pops due to the nice light hinting on its third dimension.

The upper one looks very dull, as if there are only three colors: green, white and grey-brown/yellow

- either mess the sticks up entirely or place them really accurately. I'd try the former.
- fill the frame, stretch the sticks to the right at least. Or fill the entire frame with sticks (if you have enough).
If you want to keep the "horizon", maybe add some texture to the background that works like the sticks. use a gobo maybe.
- more drama. considering the difference between shot one and two, go even further with it.
Try something like lighting from underneath maybe with a red color - wooo burn that witch apple!

Or go the other direction, pierce the apple on multiple sticks all on one line with the same distances between them. With additional sticks you can fill the frame with parallel, diagonal sticks, with some of them piercing the apple.



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thanks, I learned a new word  :)

... and that makes it 2:2


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