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So I sold my 7D not too long ago for some financial reasons (long story) and turns out that I actually didn't need to sell it. Ended up having a big budget pool and now I want to reinvest in a camera and lenses.
I'm going to shoot mainly video. Will do pictures, but my focus is videos, videos, videos!
I'm planning on getting the 6D.
I'm going to buy 2 lenses (most likely used, due to the price and availability.)

So, here's my conundrum.
I'm for sure getting the 70-200mm IS (Mk I) which is estimated around 1300$ used, correct? (Please correct me if I'm wrong, more info would be great!)

Now it comes down to this.
Since I'm going to do video, I'm thinking of either the 24-105 f/4 IS or the 24-70mm f/2.8 Mk I (Average priced around 1,300$ used(?)).

Which lens between those two should I get?
The 24-105 f/4 is almost half the price of the 24-70, offering a wide angle and IS, which would be great for my hand-held situations.
The 24-70 f/2.8, however, is faster and sharper(?) from what I hear.
If I'm going to have a 6D, is the 24-70 really worth having over the 24-105 because it's faster?
ISO performance of the 6D seems pretty great.

I'm a noob, so please be kind in your words ;_; Correct any mistakes I make, but don't flame me.

This question was all over the net a couple of years ago... I would suggest the 24-105 4 although its a dull sort of lens to me - but very practical. Then save for the stellar 24-70 ii.

If your main focus is video the 6D may not be the best camera to invest in. It has very bad problems with moire to the point where it could change your mind about that body.

Oh really? How bad?
I just finished watching a movie on NetFlex "Indie Movie" for those who want to check it out.
It was shot entirely on two 5D Mk IIs and made with FCPX and Denoising software. I didn't see moire and such in that. Is it due to the Mk II being better in terms of moire problems?

You might consider the t4i with the two STM lenses (18-135mm and 40mm STM), since they have video autofocus. The new touchscreen touch-to-focus function is pretty awesome for shooting video.


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