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The review of the Canon EOS 6D has been completed over at DPReview. They seem to be fairly positive about it, maybe less so than I am. I think the camera is great with terrific IQ. However, they did notice the same thing that I did, the battery drain with wifi and GPS turned on is quite significant, so be sure to buy an extra battery if you don’t have one. I also don’t miss the autofocus system of the 5D Mark III when I’m using the EOS 6D, 95% of the time I find I don’t need anything beyond the center AF point. However, this point is personal preference and you may decide you need more cross-type AF points. From DPR
“If you’re an EOS shooter eyeing the 6D as a more affordable alternative to the 5D Mark III, even as a second backup body, Canon has made your decision fairly straightforward. Still image quality aside, the concessions you’re forced to make for the significant cost savings are substantial. A slower burst rate, less sophisticated AF system with smaller coverage area, and moiré-prone video headline the list of compromises. And while we can understand Canon’s desire to keep the camera’s price down, other seemingly arbitrary decisions, like the inability to save HDR raw images and a DOF preview button whose location is much less useful than it could be, smack solely of product differentiation…..” Read the full review | Canon EOS 6D Body $1879 cr

Silver award and score a couple of percentage points less than the Nikon, gee that's OK.

Stop being so negative and letting your canon-hate show.

I think dpreview are really long on reviews but surely it is a copout to mark a camera up or down by comparing the spec sheets? We all did that 5 secs after the cameras were announced.

They have their hands on the cameras, so what we want to see are hands-on comments. Don't tell me it has less resolution if you are only basing it on reading spec sheets; tell me what you thought of the resolution when examining the images!

Don't tell me it's focusing is not as effective if you haven't done focusing comparison tests of the two cameras side-by-side. You might find it is in practice the opposite of what the spec sheet shows, but we'll never know because you haven't done a proper test!

Why do the mention - "Relatively unsophisticated Auto ISO"?


The basic assessment for me was the same - an excellent second body!

nothing but a re-packaged 5D II, crippled all around.
Still a tired old sensor with 2 EV less DR than any Nikon FF camera.
Still totally inadequate AF-system, only suitable to "but I only ever use the center AF-point"-shooters.
Overall even weaker than the nothing-to-write-home-about Nikon D600.

And dpreview is a totally uncritical review site. The will highly recommend any piece of crap as long as it may  sell well on amazon, their corporate parent.


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