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Currently I have an EOS 40D with a EF100-400IS lens. I also have an EF 1.4x III Extender.
I use my camera only for bird photography (center point focus). Since my 40D will not autofocus with the extender on my lens I almost never use the extender.

Now I wonder if I should buy an EF 500 (or 600) mm f/4L IS II and keep my 40D or if I should stay with my 100-400 lens and extender and go for an EOS 5D III or EOS 1DX.

Of course - going all in for both would be best, but would definitly be far over my budget this year... I have to choose... Any suggestions/comments?


Personally, I'd get the 500/600 first and later upgrade the body

Big Glass > Body

Don Haines:
I think your limiting factor is the lens in good light, and the body in low light. Ideally, one would upgrade both, but which one would depend on how and when you typically shoot. Most of my attempts to get good bird and nature shots are in the middle of the day when lighting is at it's best.... so if it were me, I would upgrade the Lens first.

Besides, a year or so, when you are ready to upgrade the body, there will be newer and better ones out and the current bodies will be at lower prices..... not so likely to happen to the 600mm, particularly after it's recent upgrade.

This is a no-brainer; lenses first. Look at the situation 2 years down the line - the lens will cost the same, the body will either be cheaper or replaced by an even better version.

Two other points; I'd be wary of going full frame unless you're happy you will not be focal length limited and the 500 is a lot of money for not a lot of focal length. I'd be tempted to keep the 100-400 and add the 600.


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