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Author Topic: Problem transferring images from 1D-X via USB and EOS Utility  (Read 2032 times)


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Got a new 1D-X. Formatted SanDisk 32 Gb cards in camera, updated EOS Utility from software CD to ver Was able to connect camera via Canon USB cable to Win XP SP3 (32-bit) and set camera preferences and run camera tethered in EOS Utility. BUT, when I go to download images, after just 1 - 2 images I get a "Connection Lost" message, and EOS Utility hangs while saving file. My 50D and 1D4 cameras have no problems transferring files. Because I can set camera prefs and run tethered, I do not suspect the camera's USB port, the cable, or the PC. Swapped the primary CF card to 1D4 -- no problem recording or transferring images, so I don't suspect the card. Tech support at BH advises to put CF card in reader rather than use USB.

Anyone else with this problem? Any suggestions? The new EOS Utility dropped support for my 5D, so I'm using a card reader for that.

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