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I should be visiting Stockholm mid-June and will have some free time outside of a conference to tour the city and photograph. Any particular sites to look forward to? I shoot mostly architecture and landscapes, particularly with long exposures processed in monochrome. Any help would be appreciated. Kind regards.

I'm living in Stockholm, I will try to come up with something.

The old town is a must as a tourist and there is plenty of water around the cityarea. Unfortunatly I have been working abroad for some time, but I´m moving back tomorrow so I might get some inspiration.

If you do a google image search and find something that you like, then I can always help out with locating the spot.


Hobby Shooter:
I've lived in Stockholm about tweny years although I currently don't. The city centre is ver beautiful pretty much where ever you go. The different boroughs have different characters, large parts of Stockholm have mostly older buildings so I would almost venture to say it doesn't matter very much where you go for that. You don't want to miss the old town and the royal castle of course, Strandvägen (a very beautiful street by the water will provide great photo opportunities. The City Hall taken from across the water is a classic image. Mostly you will want to take in the water that is just about everywhere and also very typical for the city.

Do you know the venue you will be at?


Thank you for suggestions. I heard the metro stations are something to behold.

I've been there couple of times, especially in August 2009 when i was walking the city every evening for 2 weeks, after training sessions for my customer (basically one neighborhood per evening with a map in the pocket). Indeed great place for picts, even if i was more into colorfull sunsets than B&W, but you should also get great results out of it.
I will post some shots (building fronts / old wood houses / panoramic views with water / streets) next weekend, and put the locations / orientations with it.


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