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A bit of "harmless" fun !!! Just started playing with reverse mounting my lens for extreme macro's ! Any constructive feedback would be much appreciated ! Details on my set up are on the site. Also i must say that the pictures where not tempered too much with in post.
Hope you enjoy:

p.s. harmless is in quotation marks as i was using a 35mm zeiss reversed ... maybe not a good idea exposing the rear element of that lens.  ::)

Nice shots.  How were you able to get so close without spooking the bugs?  Wish I could do that.


--- Quote from: AcutancePhotography on July 23, 2013, 11:53:37 AM ---Nice shots.  How were you able to get so close without spooking the bugs?  Wish I could do that.

--- End quote ---
Many thanks  ;D Lots of patience, be ready to get dirty and move like a slug ! You need to make sure you do not make any sudden movements while you are trying to approach your subject. Another thing that i found out is that you need to try and keep the sun in such an angle that your body will not cast a shadow on top of the insects while you are trying to approach them as that tends to scare them off. Also, if you've managed to approach them and when you are about to snap the photo, if they fly away, keep still for a sec and again without any sudden movements just take a pick to see where it's gone. They sometimes tent to return to the same position or near by.
When ready, snap as many photos as you can as they are tricky sometimes with their movements. Out of 10 you may have a usable photo :)
Oh, and if you'd like to try it out, start with flies, they are the easiest to get still long enough.
Also, choose your times of the day. For example i am now planning to get some butterflies in but the best time is in the morning. Reason being, butterflies are cold blooded and they need the sun's warmth before they are able to fly around. So during the morning they tend to sit around with their wings open gathering warmth. Be patient and you can do it :)

Nice work Ant. Macro stuff is rough as I just started today and have a boat ton to learn let me tell you.
I need to get a flash as well it seems. Shooting at fstop needed on my 7D isnt cutting it noise wise haha.


Oh, I thought you were going to talk about the other kind of bugs. The ones talked about in this example. I need to get out and shoot more photos instead of working on code!

More on topic, wow, great work. I just plain don't have the patience for that right now.


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