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The Ray Flash v. the O Flash Ring v. lighting straight cash on fire.

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I was involved in a discussion about the Rogue flashbender which I had already purchased in my Amazon account for $35... and that conversation convinced me to go from the small one to the large on for only $40.  Then later in the conversation, I learned you can get factory 2nds directly from ExpoImaging at 1/2 off.  GREAT!  Now I have save $20 I will be able to blow $20 on hookers and blow (at a prorated allotment)

Then the Ray flash caught my eye.
$150 bucks seems like quite a bit  considering I can buy a yongnuo flash and an umbrella, and a stand while still having a little left over for hookers and blow. 

So I did a youtube search and I saw the original in action and I will say that I was impressed... but then I saw the Chinese knockoff for only $30 on Ebay.

The youtube "show" said that using ETTL it was a touch underexposed, so you have to do it manually, but I think I can do that to save $120, a $170 if I bought it new. 

So that raises the question... I'm I just throwing the $20 I saved on a $30 piece of junk because I'm nuts, or do yall think it might actually be a decent investment... at least something to play with. 

I think that is about it, but I have three rebate gift cards that I believe I am going to use, at least on the factory seconds, and maybe on the O flash ring. 

Nevermind... I just read enough reviews that have convinced me that the o-flash ring knockoff is just that... a knock off.

Jim Saunders:
I say try it with the cash and see if you get a green cast - it might match fluorescent.



--- Quote from: Jim Saunders on August 12, 2013, 09:11:21 PM ---I say try it with the cash and see if you get a green cast - it might match fluorescent.


--- End quote ---

The pre-paid gift card isn't catching... time for some lighter fluid.

I have a Q-flash and it's.. worth about $30.  It's not bad really, but it has a few problems. One really odd thing is the "refelector" in the unit is just cardboard.  That thing that says Q-flash on it is reflecting the light down the tube.  When I pulled it out, I found it was grey/brown cardboard.  I replaced it with aluminum foil and gained about a stop of light.

The thing still costs about 1 1/2 stops, but that is way better than 2 1/2 stops.  Ettl works fine, but it did before.  It's just that your max flash is less, so at times it will under expose.

Also it does not put a "ring" in the eye as a catchlight.  More like a round U that is darker on the bottom.  Does work great for macro!  Have you though of a real ring light?  The Alien Bees model is a hell of a flash for $400

Here you can see mine in use by a friend (note foil in place of cardboard)

Untitled by RexPhoto91, on Flickr

And the result:

Untitled by RexPhoto91, on Flickr


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