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5D Mark III Firmware Update 1.2.1 Battery Fault

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Hi, after I upgraded my 5D mkiii to 1.2.1 my camera does not recognise my batteries which are original canon batteries. I even bought new ones just to be sure. I am certain it happened straight after the update and can find no cure at the moment except canon asking me to return the camera to them for repair. I know the update is supposed to do this for 3rd party batteries but not original canon batteries.. Has anyone come across this ? Cheers....

It is a known problem. I have three genuine Canon batteries and my 5D3 only recognizes one as authentic.

Bummer. Hope Canon makes it right.
My 5D3 running 1.2.1 even recognizes the Wasabi batteries I stuff into it.

I get that message when I use some 3rd party batts.  I just click OK and it works fine.

Does your camera work with the batteries?


Yes , the camera still works but I get the "batteries not recognised " and press ok.. The batteries are not seen and indicates low battery all the time. Annoying really so I carry spare batteries just in case as I can't see battery levels. I do a lot of field work and it is just another thing to worry about on location. Here's hoping canon will recognise the problem or admit there is a problem. If they did at least I would know they are working on it. Just wanted to advise not to upgrade if you haven't already and wait for the next one..  :) Hope a fix comes soon..


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