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Lastolite Octabox 102cm with which boom stand?

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After using my new Octa from Lastolite with the "normal" straight stand I have got in a set with my much smaller Ezybox, I realized, I need something with a counterweight.
I use it with the speedlight bracket, the LL2701 for 1 or 2 speedlights.
My shortlist contains 2 versions of the Manfrotto 420: 420b or 420csu.
Will the 420b enough, or is this box too heavy and I need the 420csu?
The difference in cost doesnt matter so much as I like to buy and have fun, not fiddling around with just a bit too small/lightweight gear.
On the other way, when I have to carry this stand to another place, it would be nice to have the version with less weight.
Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Jim Saunders:
I don't know if this is a directly useful answer but I have a pair of Lastolite 24" Ezyboxes which are balanced on their stands by the (8 AA) battery packs for the flashes; They're on rods about 20 inches long.  I did it for convenience rather than out of a specific need to balance anything, but it worked out ok.


So a rod in the conterdirection of the box?
Hm. Nice idea.
Maybe I can use the hole for the umbrella.
I check it- tomorrow.
Thank you.

Jim Saunders:
That's what I did; I'll get a photo later this evening.


Jim Saunders:
Like this.  Being a little obsessive I plan to get a proper piece of tube to fit the hole in the bracket, and to have made threaded extensions for them so I can retain the batteries with a wingnut or something.



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