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Author Topic: The 10 Essentials for Your Camera Bag  (Read 18931 times)


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Re: The 10 Essentials for Your Camera Bag
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Please throw away the snake bite kit.  Snake Bite kits are outdated and will cause more harm than good.  There are many sources for information about this but they all agree that trying to remove the snake venom is a pointless waste of time and is not advised.  Call 911, treat the bite like a puncture wound, keep it below heart level, sit down, lower your heart rate and get to a hospital ASAP.

What would be better to keep with you when you are outdoors often and away from a hospital would be a Eppi-Pen in case you or someone else is stung and goes into anaphylactic shock.  Or at the very least keep Benadryl handy.
I have heard this many times, but when I worked at a hospital last year, some of the ER docs thought the Sawyer Extractor I carry might not be a bad thing to carry, particularly for other (non-snake) bites.  You'll find many debates pro and con over that devices (from reputable sources) on the internet.  The old snake bite kits are crap, of course.  I carry Benadryl with me, too, but don't have an Rx for an Epi-Pen.  I would definitely call 911 first, but some places I go have no cell service and I'd like to have something with me, worst case.

The SpyderCube is great in mixed lighting situations.  During the holiday season, mine does double duty as a Christmas tree ornament...   :)
Good to know and personally I hang old SLRs by their straps on the 100' tree in my guest house ;)
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Re: The 10 Essentials for Your Camera Bag
« Reply #30 on: November 06, 2013, 01:30:09 PM »