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Canon EF 20mm f/2.8 USM


The cheap wide-angle! Upgraded from mine back in the summer, but I love wide angles.

All photos taken on a 5D2.

Since I bought this lens last week why not review a thread!!

I like the POV of 20mm, I just took this out of my balcony.

I know this thread is old, but the board won't let me make a new thread to ask about all the 20/21mm options at once, so I'm kind of stuck using these old, dead threads!

I'm looking at all the 20mm and 21mm prime options for Canon as the 24-70 I have is proving just not quite wide enough occasionally indoors and I really prefer primes anyway. I know this EF 20mm is old and doesn't review well, but it's also the smallest, lightest, and cheapest prime available. Considering this won't be a main lens for me, it's hard to justify the size of the Sigma 20mm or cost of the Zeiss, unless I really have to. Of course i can find example images of all these lenses but they're mostly landscape or astro, but I'm looking at them for indoor use, not focusing at infinity. Can anyone with this lens offer some shorter-range examples and advise on what it's like to live with?


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