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How To Win a 5D Mark II Just By Opening a Box

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Share From B&H B&H is running an exciting video contest! We want our fans and customers to capture a short video of a B&H package being unboxed and then share it with their friends. And of course, enter the contest for the chance to win a Canon 5D Markll. Rules Capture a short video of a B&H package being unboxed and enter to win a DSLR camera or a Shoot & Share Camcorder. Keep it simple! Any video capture device welcome. Official B&H Unboxing Contest Page Examples
* I used to think unboxing videos were kind of boring, not anymore. I’m sure a few boxes will be opened in the next week or so. cr

I just ordered a 5DmkII from B&H. What would I ever do with two?  ;D

As usual in my life...too little, too late.  I unboxed my 70-200 just a few weeks before this video contest.  I would have loved to have given a 5D Mk II to my friend.

The rules say "no purchase required."  OK, so how do I unbox something if I haven't bought from them?  Make my own box?

I'm guessing that actually means "no purchase by the entrant is necessary to enter or win."  So in other words, if you are given some B&H merchandise by someone as a gift or as payment, etc.  The rules also say nothing about having to remove the contents from the B&H mailer box that they send these in.  Just, "a B&H product being removed from its packaging" which I take to mean the manufacturer's original packaging.

Maybe it's not too late for me to enter after all...lucky I keep everything for all my expnsive, plastic wraps, twist ties...  Sounds like a re-boxing and un-boxing is in my future!


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