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Re: Fuji X-Pro 1
« Reply #30 on: January 12, 2012, 02:09:23 AM »
Its a good thing for a photographer to have choices.  Some seem to think that every camera should have all the same features, lenses, and size.  I do not like the one fits all thinkiing, I like to pick the camera that meets my needs and that I can afford.

I've been wanting a high quality walkaround camera mostly for outdoor use, but indoors, f:/2.8 at wide angles and ISO 6400 will handle most of my causal walk around needs.  Packing along large, expensive lenses that I have to change is what I want to avoid.  When I need something extra, I take my 5D MK II or 7D and the appropriate lenses.

Otherwise, we'd all own top of the line Mercedes automobiles.
I have just sold my two 7Ds :)

My walkabout now is either the 5DII with 70-300L or 1D4 with 70-300L. I only walkabout in reasonable light so these high iso bodies work well with the slower lens. My film walkabout was the EOS IX APS camera - it would be good to have a lightweight digital like that.


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Re: Fuji X-Pro 1
« Reply #31 on: January 13, 2012, 02:15:31 AM »
mmm... latest from a Fujifilm press conference at CES targeting Japanese journalists:

- The company officials revealed that they're looking at zoom lenses such as 18-72mm f/4 and 70-200mm f/4 somewhere down the line... So I guess they're not happy with primes alone. :'(

- It's the beginning of the "XF" lens/mount series.

- Slide showing comparison of viewfinder's "look" (XPro1 vs. M9)

- They're not calling the XPro1 a mirrorless camera because it's about twice as expensive (150,000 yen for the body and nearly 200,000 yen for body + a lens compared to the 70,000~80,000 yen price range of other EVIL cameras).

- Pictures of XPro1 with the grip attached (the setup looks nice) and also the Flash.

On the Black x100:

- Nearly 40% of the customers who bought X100 are women.

- Orders for Black X100 to be accepted starting Jan. 11, and the camera will be released on February 18 (in Japan, I assume)
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Re: Fuji X-Pro 1
« Reply #32 on: January 13, 2012, 06:42:47 AM »
Right, here is a question.

If Fuji were to release a full frame X-Pro, would it be compatible with the current mount and lenses?

So to rephrase - are the launch lenses full frame compatible?