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Author Topic: Sundance 2018 Infographic: What Was the Most Popular Gear Used for the Films?  (Read 5872 times)


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Must be that awesome STM autofocus ;D
Talking serious.

The "EF-S 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 STM" is one of the fastest, quietest and most accurate focusing lenses, and the bias comes from those who have never used such a lens.
In fact, it is infinitely faster and quieter than the EF40mm F2.8 and EF50mm F1.4, and also exceeds the EF28-135mm USM.

STM lenses may not be great for focusing manually, but in autofocus the "no pancake" models are really great.

I owned one, though I've given it away -- it came virtually free with some body, perhaps the T6s.  You are right in that this is a good lens, in the "use it, don't feel it" category.  The AF is fast an accurate, and the image quality is acceptable if not spectacular, and of course, it's really inexpensive.

However, I think the EF-S 18-135 f/3.5-5.6 IS USM (the nano lens) is much quieter, and the autofocus is so fast and hunt-free that if there's sufficient light, I can totally miss the refocus.  And of course, it has a massive FR and isn't a very large lens.  Plus, you can use the remote that has electronic W/T controls.   

If I were interested in video, I think this would definitely be my lens of choice.  I was so impressed with it that I bought one, and then never used it because I'm not really interested in video :D   For stills, both the wide and tele end are not good enough for me, compared to other alternatives that I already have.  I kept it around because I thought it would be a nice travel lens with my 80D, but then, I never ended up packing it, because I'm greedy with the lenses I want to take with me.  Who needs clothes.

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I thought everyone was shooting with a Sony. Stupid Canon.  ::)
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