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Author Topic: Industry News: Really Right Stuff updates entire tripod line-up / Mark 2  (Read 284 times)


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Mark 2!  And I always thought no upgrade possible on something "really right"?  ;)  ;D

The carbon pattern looks a bit "rattlesnake" to me ...is it new with Mk. 2?
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Inspired by Canon's 70-200/2.8L IS III.   :P

Only changes are the 1/4"-20 'accessory sockets' on the side of the platform (for that Frankentripod look) , sealed twist locks (the old ones don't really have issues accumulating grit and are very easy to clean), vents at the tops of the legs (presumably necessary because of the new sealed twist locks), and the set screws on the platform are now the same size as their lens and camera plate hex screws for convenience.

The linked article implies that the weight hooks and interchangeable feet are new features, but those were present on the original RRS tripods.
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