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Let's see some great shots taken with old, cheap gear!

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In light of all the doom-and-gloom regarding the POS known as the 5DIII, let's try to lighten the mood, shall we :)? Since some people seem convinced that it's impossible to create art with only 11.7 stops of DR, and the 5DIII's pathetic hardware specs are limiting their creative execution, I propose posting your best images captured with less-than-stellar gear. It can really be anything, whether it's a point-and-shoot, xxD, Rebel, or just something that used to be a fine tool, but is too old to capture great images anymore (ie 1DII, 1DsII). As we all know, cameras that used to be cutting edge suddenly stop taking great images once a newer model comes out. Images from current crop bodies are very welcome, since everyone knows you can't take a decent image with a crop :o

Some of these have already been posted before, so I apologize in advance. These are far from the best shots in the world and some are far from great, but hey, they aren't out-of-focus snap shots of overweight felines taken with $3,000 bodies, either :) I know this might be better placed in the Images and Videos gallery, but since this forum has the highest concentration of whiners, I hope we can keep it here :) Let's see what those POS Canon sensors can do ;D

G7 in harsh middle-of-the-day light. Planning involved stepping out of car, pointing, and shooting.

G7 with window light diffused through a sheet

20D with an embarrassingly slow 70-200 f/4

20D with a junk 28-135 kit lens under cave-like stadium lights

20D somehow managing a lot of DR

20D, reflector, a couple Vivitar 285s, and cheap Hong Kong radio triggers

1DII with only 1 cross-type sensor. Ack!!!!

From my old EOS 1000D

Macaque 003 by Sparda (AMT), on Flickr

I have some from my IXUS bought in 1999!

Ooh photos with cheap gear - I can do that!

Both photos taken with the original Digital Rebel (EOS 300D).  Six megapixels of glory.  The Venice photo was shot with the stock 18-55mm lens, without a tripod; it was just sitting on a pier.  The lizard was photographed somewhere in Croatia using my 'up-market' 70-200mm f/4L.  No IS on that baby.

Nice idea !

But if you really want to be a cheapskate, film is the way to go !!

Following was taken on a £40 Canonet QL17, and Fuji Acros 100 B&W film...


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