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Author Topic: A former Nikon user's thoughts on his first 24 hours with the 5D Mark III  (Read 13322 times)


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5) I REALLY MISS SPOT METERING LINKED TO MY AUTOFOCUS POINT.  It's going to take me a while to figure out how best to meter even when just shooting basic portraits.

Yeah, if I'd had one wish in regard to my 5D3 it would also be the addition of spot-metering linked to the AF point.

Cheers, Robert

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Just an update with photos!  Still loving it except for the lack of AF linked spot metering.

So these is from a show I shot last night.  The strong man (Adam the First Real Man) is at iso 6400 85mmf/1.8 at f/2, the dancer (Ivory fox) is at iso 12800 24-104f/4L at 55mm and f/4, and Sasha Firegypsy is at iso 3200 with the 35mmf/1.4L at f/2.


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One thing you might try is _not_ using spot metering.

I used spot metering and center weighted average + AE Lock and recompose almost exclusively on my XSi because evaluative metering was _terrible_.  This is not true on my 7D though... and I bet the 5DIII is better.

Here is the bit from the 7D manual:

"To complement the iFCL metering sensor, the EOS 7D also features a newly designed metering algorithm. The EOS 7D always measures focus with all AF points regardless of the selected AF mode. During the exposure reading the EOS 7D looks to see which points, in addition to the selected point, have achieved or almost achieved focus. This information lets the camera know which part of the image is the subject. It then takes metering readings from the zones corresponding to the AF points that have achieved (or almost achieved) focus and combines them with readings from all the other zones. This allows for consistent shot-to-shot exposure, even in complex situations – where there are reflections from a model’s glasses for example. "

In practice, this is working really well for me.  I haven't felt the need to go back to spot + AE Lock since I got the 7D.

BTW - On the 7D I've found that spot _AF_ seems to not work as well with the evaluative metering mode (it probably gives less info to the algorithm).  So in cases where I'm really needing the metering to be good I just use one of the other AF modes (even Single-point works fine).


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Welcome to the side of goodness.   ;)

By the way, your subject matter is certainly more interesting than average!  Guys tearing phone books, a brass pole kind of thing, and someone nwho looks serious about playing with fire!
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If anyone queries the noise on the pole dancer's legs, just tell them it's cellulite.  ;)


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If anyone queries the noise on the pole dancer's legs, just tell them it's cellulite.  ;)

Heh!  ;D  No, it's noise.  One of the reasons I had originally gone with nikon was that at higher ISO's, the noise looked like grain where as on canon, the noise looked like color.  Now, the noise on canon looks like grain too and so I was okay switching.


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I switched after 7 years with D200, D300 and finally D7000.
The D7000 with a 50mm is harder to get shots in focus than the 5D MK3 with 50mm F/1.2 :)

Love the camera.
Love the lens selection.
Love being able to actually buy my lens of choice when I want, sometimes at a discount, compared with Nikon = cannot find the lens anywhere and when you do, you get raped for it.


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I use spot metering and this is how i get around it

I shoot in manual
I use back button focus so a half press of the shutter meters only not focuses
when i go to take a shot i point the center at the part of the scene i want to control the exposure
adjust shutter speed just use the exposure bar in the VF i usually have it set so the meter shows it a little over exposed
frame it focus with the back button and shoot

I can see it causing issues if you shoot av or tv but in these uses you are better off using evaluative metering
especially if you are using zone AF too
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