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Continuous blow out, with ETTL troubleshooting

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Hey guys,

I've been shooting with Canon's 24mm L II I usually shoot with the 16-35mm as I'm primarily a club photographer, but I wanted something that can suck in more light, and I prefer primes.

I've been using the lens now for 3 days, and I just cannot seem to get the 24mm L II under control, it's like an untameable beast.

Quick to focus, quick recycle time, but I'm just finding the consistency of the flash is blown out. It just flashes people white.

I push my iso between 400-1250 (I'm comfortable with those numbers because of the 5D Mark III I use), and I stop my lens down usually between 2.5-4 ~ I shoot completely manual settings except for my flash.

I'm just confused as to why I cannot seem to get the flash consistency correct, one shot there's not enough flash, the next there's too much, and it really sucks, because it's empeding my work flow, having to spend way too much time correcting over exposure, or ditching out shots. Which sucks, because a lot of the stuff I see, doesn't happen twice.

The flash I'm using is a 580EX.

I'm asking here, because I never had this problem with my 16-35mm, and I can use the same settings all night, and some are dead on, some are ridiculous.

I work as part of a group of shooters ~ you can see our stuff here: ~ we're about looseness, tits out, messy crap.

Its probably the FEL button you may need to become familiar with. When in TTL, the flash will determine the exposure based on what the camera sees. You may need to lock the flash exposure on whatever your metering on.

the FEL will lock the flash power to the exposure you set it to.

The manual would help alot in understanding this.

I get you, god that is so damned simple, my partners Nikon got accurate exposure every single shot, and it was giving me hell!!!
I knew it was for metering purposes, but I didn't know it locked, thanks so much!

Where is it on the Mark II, I guess that's why I've never paid attention to it.

Remember the metering on the 5DIII is on the centre AF point

Yeah I don't think it's that, still can't get accurate metering from it. My flash is pretty banged up, (580EX it's missing the pull out/flip down difuser) they got smashed out of it.

So it's not exposing accurately, it just blows out randomly.

So I've been shooting at 1/128 and then just stopping up or down depending on how far away I am.

Would it be this!? ~ I am going to guess so, and if so, is the 600EX worth the upgrade, or just grab another 580.


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