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Anti-twist plate for BG-E11


I love the BG-E11. Very solid.

I have a stroboframe Pro-T. The old twist plate from my 5D is about 2mm too short.
I tried an NF-5 and a BE-1. The folks at Tiffen say to use the universal plate which doesn't have the
nice lip.

Does anyone know which anti-twist plat to use with the new grip?

Happy shooting.


Mt Spokane Photography:
The grip is just becoming available, so plate makers are tooling up plates to match it, or testing existing ones.  I'd check with Kirk or RRS to see what / when they have something.

RRS told me last week that they just got the grip and would have the L plate in about 30 days so it seems that the anti-twist plate would be on about the same timetable.

Bruce Photography:
Just FYI but I received my BG-E11 yesterday.  I went through all my L brackets looking for a possible short term solution while I'm waiting for my RRS and Kirk orders for their official L bracket for the grip.  I found that the 60D L bracket from Kirk fit just fine.  Now it is true that it blocked the right most door so I won't have access to the HDMI port for my field monitor but the Canon screen is so good already that I rarely use the field monitor for that camera anyway.

As a result the Kirk L bracket for the 60D (in stock I believe) does work in a fashion while you are waiting for them to design something better.


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