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Canon G1x or Sony RX100 for vacation and light duty

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Don't know about the Sony, but I've had the G11 for two years and lately haven't brought it with me due to its' size.  I just recently got myself an S100 and I really like it in terms of image quality and of course portability. My main body is Mk3.

Thanks I ended up with the Sony nex f3. It's fast and came with 18-55 and 55-210 combo for $899. Even included an extra battery. I know it's not pocketable but takes decent pics and the wife will use it which is the most important.

I own both the G1X and RX100 (in addition to my 5D Mk2 and 7D). Bought the G1X as my vacation camera, but am using it a whole lot more than I thought I would, especially since it has a hotshoe mount.  I picked up the RX100 mainly because I had some unused Sony Card points that brought down the price to a reasonable level. $650 is very steep in my opinion.

IMHO, the G1X is underrated by most reviewers and the RX100 is a bit over hyped (it's the flavor of the month just like the X100, NEX 7, etc.). I also feel the term "SLR like quality" is very overused. The image quality of the G1X is close to that of a 7D paired with a 24-105 lens (especially when shooting in proper light). The RX100 has very nice image quality, but the overall image feels compressed compared to G1X and will not give you L glass quality pics.

I am a very picky (probably OCD) camera user (1 part tech geek / 1 part amateur photographer). My obsession for quality vacation pics drives my wife crazy. It takes a lot to "blow me away" (another overused term these days). The RX100 has mind blowing image quality compared to an iPhone 4S. If you must have a pocketable camera (or if video is of primary concern), I would go with the RX100. However, I'm not sure what kind of vacations you plan to take. The RX100 is a city slicker and I doubt it would hold up well in humid or dusty conditions. The G1X seems more rugged to me. Other than the cracker jack viewfinder, the only fault of the G1X is sluggish autofocus speed / photo processing time. It is a bit over priced, but is quickly approaching the sub $700 range.

If I were you, I would hold off and see what the EOS M has in store. The other option is to get the 40mm pancake lens and take your 5D MK3 with you.



--- Quote from: g1xavier on July 22, 2012, 11:53:13 PM ---
If I were you, I would hold off and see what the EOS M has in store. The other option is to get the 40mm pancake lens and take your 5D MK3 with you.


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That combo isn't exactly svelt, but I found 550D/600D + 40mm pancake is extremely light and portable. 

Yeah going with
50mm 1.4 low light only some occasions
40mm pancake for just walking around and when the weight is too much
270ex ii or 430 ex ii still undecided on that
lowepro fastpack 350
also bringing the sony nex f3 with 18-55, 55-210mm combo since it came in a kit. I am trying to have fun so probably only bringing the nex some days for portability and maybe the 40mm and 5d3. Either way I am trying not to add another 70-200 or 300 since the weight is too much to come back with a few dolphin shots. I still bet this is too much but if you cannot enjoy it with trips like this then why do you own it is my logic. This is all Hobby for me. In any event the 5d3 and 40mm will always cover a great candid if I need one. I have found also that the 24-105 serves me better than I gave it credit for.


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