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Blackrapid Strap for Left-handed photographer

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I had a stroke in Sept. 2011. I was right handed before, the stroke left me left handed. I can't use my right hand. I do alright with my Canon EOS Rebel XSI with my 18-55 lens, but I lacked the support of another hand when using a zoom lens. I didn't use a tripod before the stroke (very little). I don't want use one after the stroke. It's a lot more work to use it left hand! I don't use it upside down. I started doing it that way but it felt uncomfortable  ???. I use it with my left hand under the camera and cupping the lens I use my middle finger to press the shutter. I am the on this site to see what they have for posts about left hand photography.

Mt Spokane Photography:
You might try using a remote shutter release velcroed to the left side of the camera, or some other easy to use place if that would make it easier. 
I hope you are able to regain use of your right hand. 


Mt Spokane Photography: Thank you for your suggestion! I have a remote control, and I will try that.  :)


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