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Blackrapid Strap for Left-handed photographer

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--- Quote from: ocabj on July 17, 2012, 12:43:17 PM ---Having the camera on the left side of the body might be a better option for right-handed people since it keeps the strong side of the body clear.

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Except when shooting with a 1d body, as they double as blunt instruments...

I have a single BR strap, and have a spider holster showing up today.  Toss in the Manfrotto QR2 and I'll see how it works out - left handed and all....

I'm right-handed and I automatically place the Black Rapid strap when I tried it on my lef side and the person doing the demo didn't say it was wrong, so I've just assumed that was as designed. I migth try it on the other side though, as I find it's a struggle to reach my eye, as I probably have the camera a little higher than designed.


--- Quote from: Phenix205 on July 17, 2012, 07:45:38 AM ---Any left-handed photographer here to help explain the rationale behind this product?

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I will admit I chuckled when I initially read this thread, for the reasons stated above - the shutter button is on the right, the camera is designed to be held in the right hand, so why would even a left-handed photographer need this?

I am a right-handed photographer, and I can tell you why I will likely get one of these left-handed straps.

I was out shooting in earnest for the first time a couple of days ago with my 1D X and my new EF 600mm f/4L IS II.  I have the RRS replacement foot on it, for an Arca-Swiss connection to my gimbal and monopod, but also to connect the Kirk 1" clamp on the end of my BR RS-4 strap.  However, when using a lens that large, you need to support the weight by the tripod foot while shooting handheld, and ideally lift the camera to your eye by the tripod foot as well, rather than by the camera body (which would place all of that weight on the lens mount - there's a reason Canon puts strap lugs on the lens barrel!).  So, when carrying a supertele on the Blackrapid, IMO it's best to have it hanging on the left side of your body, so you can use your left hand to raise it to your eye by the tripod foot and support it while shooting with your right hand.

lol. funny thread.

I'm lefthanded. I wirte and paint with left.
But... as "normal" I use my right hand to pick up my cam that has grip on right side with shutter button on right side. This is for me as lefthander perfect, because than I've my "important" hand free to manipulate my lens, my cam etc while holding the cam with my right hand.
So as lefthander using the rigth hand to pickup the cam.... both version of this Strap are unwieldy mostly because cam&mounted lens tend to show to the back side...

I am right handed, but I hang the camera on the left side of my body when using a copy of the BR strap. 
Grabbing by the left hand supports the camera and allows you to make changes with the right. 


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