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I'm releasing an updated version of Pixstics today which comes with a number of bug fixes and feature improvements. To help organize things better, I am starting this thread in which I will announce new versions as they become available. I'd like to keep the discussion in the original thread:
That way those that do not wish to provide feedback on it can still get updates of when new versions are released without having to receive a bunch of notices for other stuff. Hope you guys enjoy. Below is a list of changes in this version:

* Bug fix - Fixed code issue that would cause error on missing data
* Bug fix - File rotated with Windows Photo Viewer was causing script to get in an endless loop
* Improvement - Files not containing exif field will be checked for meta data of same type.
* Improvement - Duplicate files will now only be counted once. First checks for name and size matching if no match checks if serial number and original date time match
* Improvement - Group by lens or camera added. Currently only works on Canon exif data
I was planning to add at least one more item but figured it was better to go ahead and release it and add that in later. As before, feel free to comment in the discussion thread:

I've just updated PixStics. The main new feature is I now have lens recommendations included based off of the data set given. A special thanks to Bryan Carnathan for providing the lens data and great reviews. Below is a complete list of what this update includes:
Bug fix - Files without focal length could result in data not being properly grouped
Improvement - Lens recommendations added based on lenses in group. Provides links to lens specs and review from Bryan Carnathan's as well a link to buy the lens.
Improvement - Ratings now properly show rejected images and group images with a rating of 0 with unrated images
Improvement - File processing updated to show "Graph building please wait..." while data is being processed and chart built

If you'd like to check out the new version, it's available at the same url

As before, please keep discussion to this thread:


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