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First time at wedding - feedback please

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Hello there!
Ia am an amateur and i got the chance to shoot some friends at their wedding. I want to improve my skills and seeing how nice the people arround here i wanted to ask for some feedback.

Here are some pictures

As for compositions, These are fine for the fast pace of a wedding.

The first photo is too tight IMO. The second photo chopped the hand off a bit on the child. Dutch framing is ok with proper context the third shot. The fourth one would be stronger if the frame was symmetrical with the door as a frame.

As for post-processing you RAW's. Clarity is easy to abuse, and it seems too much negative clarity has been used.

Experience comes with time, and this is very good for your first wedding.

I think your at mid level. Photos dont look pro but they arent bad also. Thats cool ur on the right way. I like the dance photo the most. Please dont use too much softening especially with males :D

Thank you very much, i really was wandering about the softeness. It seemed right to me for a weeding, but i want overdo it in the futere. Thanks agaian for precious feedbak!

This is very mid level pro quality work, you said amateur I don't see that. I would back off the softness a touch, you want dreamy but not for everything and everyone, the first portrait try sharp overall with only soft skin and see if you would like that better.


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