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Author Topic: Rebel T4i vs 5D Mark III - $850 vs $3499 - Is it really worth 4 times the price?  (Read 60049 times)


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When people buy diamond, the price between 1.1g/grade B and 0.9g/grade B can be 40% different.
Everyone has its own value for an item.  Only you can decide if the price is right value for you or not.  I also think if you are asking this question, 5D3 may be not worth for you.
I think 5D3 is for:
1. Many photographers
2. Some hobbyists
3. Few people don't care about money

my 2 cents.
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It depends...

Do you plan on making money with your camera?  If so, then yes.  I bought a 5D3 a couple months ago and my gigs have almost completely paid it off so far (I only do paid gigs to pay for my camera gear).  These are things that a Rebel wouldn't have worked for.  Heck, even my 50D wouldn't have cut it.

If you're a casual photographer, then a Rebel is a great camera.  If you're looking for something amazing that will allow you to get shots that many other cameras simply can't do, then a 5D3 is more than worth it.
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For me it's worth every pennie, but this will change from photog to photog. 
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Well now we have a new player in the mix.  6D vs. 5DM3.  I shoot events, families and models mostly.  I currently own the T4i and get amazing results and paid pretty well.  I have an eye for the job, I have done well in LR4 and I have really good L glass.  I know I can improve with time and with a FF, but I am now wondering with FF will be best for me.  I'd hate to get the 6D and regret not grabbing the 5D3.  I wish they did a little more with the 6D, but it is what it is.  The wifi on the 6D sounds great, but they didn't impress me with the rest of the specs.  Well, I take that back, the low light focusing would probably be nice when shooting the school plays that don't allow flash. 
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