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Why do some posts get locked for no apparent reason?

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Dear Moderator(s),

A group of posts got locked in the "EOS Bodies - For Video" today, but it's not clear why. I'm confused.

Is there an explanation?

Mt Spokane Photography:
Posts get locked when the posts get out of control, some user tries to post to a 6 month old thread, or when there is no point in keeping it open.
Without knowing exactly which you are discussing, its impossible to venture a guess, but there are several that admins locked due to out of control posts.
Trolling posts are usually locked or removed, so if some troll signs up and makes a one time gibberish post, that might be locked.

Just curious. Thanks.

I wonder if a moderator might respond with an explanation.

Also the OP decides that thread has run its course and locks it.


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