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1D X - 1 Thing you would Add or CHANGE? either physically or Firmware

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I know thats odd no F8 on a new sexy camera, where with a 3rd party extender it WORKS F8 AF.


I would like the option to switch around the order of the main menu's, like have the AF-tab next to My Menu, and the possibllity to have one more My Menu, or being able to add a few more items to the one there is.

I would like red Af-points.

The old 1d4 iso button/placement (although no biggie)

The same lowlight AF ability of the 5d2.

5. I find reaching the M.fn and dof-preview buttons kind of hard, they should be bigger or closer to the grip for my liking.

More options to customize buttons. (Why can't I set every button to whatever?)

Support for the EC-S focusing screen. Seeing the dof and focus is a great aid and truly missed from the 5d2.

All of this minus the red-af point wish, is nitpicking. I must say this camera, it's just f@@@ing EPIC!! I have used almost all Canon bodies since the 1ds2 (owned or used) and this is so near perfect it's ridicolous. Like no other Canon before I can catch moments that are completely out of the question for what can be done with AF, and it just does it.

How about writing to the cf cards in a just in case method - even numbered shots to slot A, odd numbered shots to slot B?

Shawn L:
Not sure everyone would find this useful, but a friend's camera has the ability to set minimum shutter speed as a function of focal length (e.g., 1/f). Seems like a big benefit for non-IS lenses. Though, this could just be my lack of skill :)

Shawn L.


--- Quote from: Viggo on September 30, 2012, 10:36:21 AM ---

The same lowlight AF ability of the 5d2.

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I thought the 1D X would exceed the 5D II


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