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Matching flash WB to natural sunlight with a gel

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When I use my speedlight during an evening portrait shoot, there's a big difference in WB between the flash and the natural light. Is there a gel color that can counteract this?

Evening light is usually slightly warmer than straight daylight.

Best advice would be to start with a 1/4 CTO gel and see if you are closer, then move up to 1/2 CTO or full if needed.


YES Color Temperature Orange/CTO gel of Various densities, go easy and you will get warm colors and maintain a balance.

Also consider straw-colored filters as a good alternative to the orange cto's.

digital paradise:
I use both CTO and CTS. CTO is more on the reddish so I use it when the subject is on the pale side. If the person is more on the tanned side I use A CTS. This is just not for evening shots but event photography. Lately I find that I use the CTS more often.   


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