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Making Sense of Small Tidbits of Info

By Canon Rumors | June 3, 2010

5D Mark II
The 5D Mark II currently has an instant $500 rebate in Canada.

I do not recall ever seeing that big of a rebate on a camera body. The 800 f/5.6 which costs about 5 times more than a 5D Mark II has a $1000 rebate.

I’ve received some info about a new Hybrid camera for September that is a giant leap forward.

I’m not saying 5D Mark III, but that’s a big rebate for an “affordable” camera.

D700 replacement imminent?

Various reports of reps saying a 60D is on the near horizon.

A lot more stores reporting a dried up inventory of 50D’s and inability to get more.

100-400 Replacement
More reports of a 100-400 replacement.

I’m going to say it isn’t coming based on past experience ordering products that are about to be replaced. The 100-400 is still very easy to get from Canon Canada.

I’ll monitor this closely.

One thing that may suggest it’s coming is Nikon is preparing a replacement of the 80-400 I’m told. If we go by the 70-200 f/2.8 replacements, we could expect Canon to upgrade theirs as well.

I will note the 100-400 is a massive seller for Canon as it sits.

500 f/5.6 or 600 f/5.6
I’ve heard a couple request for both of these lenses. With the ISO abilities of camera bodies now, why do we need to lug around f/4 supertelephotos?

A replacement of the 400 f/5.6L with a 500 f/5.6L IS makes a pile of sense. A lot of people take the 100-400 over the 400 prime. A 500 prime at f/5.6 could cost $3000-$4000 and sell very well.

A 600 f/5.6? A lot less likely. I’d expect to see a 600 DO first.

Canon G12
The next “G” will be CMOS equipped and shoot HD video. I’m told I can guarantee it. Not really a reach after seeing the SD4000. :)

Another suggestion is a form factor change and a better optical VF.

Gearing up for Rumor Season
A lot more little things are coming in now. Expect things to take off soon.


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