DPReview Interview With Canon Execs, “Increased Competition Allows us to Level-up'”

DPReview Interview With Canon Execs, “Increased Competition Allows us to Level-up'”

By Canon Rumors | March 19, 2018 | Canon Business General

During the CP+ show earlier this month, DPReview had the chance to interview a few Canon executives about all things Canon imaging. DPReview asked most of the questions us enthusiasts wanted answered.

From DPReview:

How important is it for Canon to add higher-end mirrorless products to your lineup?

At Canon we have what’s called a ‘full lineup strategy’. This means that we want to satisfy all of the demands in the market, so we have mirrorless and also DSLR, which combined makes an EOS hierarchy. We want to fill the gaps to satisfy customer demands across the board.

The new M50 is an entry-level model, because that’s where the high-volume sales are. We want to establish ourselves in this market, and then move forward [from there]. In accordance with the full lineup strategy, we will be tackling [the mid-range and high-end mirrorless market] going forward.

The EOS M50 offers 4K video and Dual Pixel CMOS AF, but not at the same time. Is there a technical reason for this limitation?

With the EOS 5D Mark IV, we do offer 4K video and Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus, so technically it is feasible. But given the position of the M50 in the lineup, we can’t include all of the features available in a product like the 5D IV. Given the position of the product, we wanted to achieve the optimal balance [of features] in a camera in that range. We’ve optimized the M50 as best we can [for its market position], and within those parameters, the combination of 4K video and Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus was not possible. Read the full interview at DPReview

Image Credit // DPReview

Hacking the Canon Connect Station CS100

Hacking the Canon Connect Station CS100

By Canon Rumors | March 18, 2018 | Cinema Accessories

It looks like a group of folks is working hard to “hack” the Canon Connect Station CS100 for fun and to add some functionality to the unit.

You can read about the progress at the Hak5 forums as well as at GitHub.

I’ll admit I’m not sure what all of this means, but for the technically inclined, this might be a worthwhile read.

thanks Holger

Rest in Peace Chuck Westfall, Canon USA’s Technical Representative

Rest in Peace Chuck Westfall, Canon USA’s Technical Representative

By Canon Rumors | March 16, 2018 | Industry News

Chuck Westfall, Canon USA’s technical representative has died after a 7 year fight against kidney cancer.

I had the pleasure of meeting Chuck once and having some good laughs about this site, he was without a doubt a legend in the photography industry.

He was also a great human being.

You can read more over at PetaPixel

Photo Credit // Nancy Winnings

Review: Canon EOS M50 by Cinema5D

By Canon Rumors | March 15, 2018 | Canon Reviews

Cinema5D has completed their hands on review of the Canon EOS M50, Canon’s latest mirrorless release. The review is mostly positive for the new mirrorless camera, although they do describe the 4K implementation as an “afterthought”, which isn’t what most people wanted from this camera.

From Cinema5D:

The Canon M50 is a nice, powerful and affordable little entry-level camera for people who want an interchangeable lens camera having to schlepp around a huge amount of kit. The video function is very good mainly because of the incredible Dual Pixel Autofocus in HD, whereas the 4K is clearly an afterthought and can’t really be used in practice much because of the crop and the lacking Dual-Pixel AF. The main purpose of this camera will be uncomplicated family shots or vlogging – both of which only if HD is enough. Read the full review

The Canon EOS M50 is scheduled to be released on March 26, 2018. You can preorder the EOS M50 here.

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